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What do rock band The Foo Fighters, actor Neil Patrick Harris and the writers of Lost have in common?

They’re all surprisingly savvy foodies who’ve appeared on Bravo TV’s Top Chef.

The show is a hidden obsession for some of our HILuxury staffers, who can spend hours dissecting why Chef A should never have put sriracha chili sauce in ice cream, or why Chef B was unfairly booted for a fine plate of foie gras.

Everyone’s a food critic, and there’s no better testament to food’s power than that: It pervades music, movies, TV, magazines and daily discussion like no other force in the world.

In this issue, we feature Chef Wolfgang Puck, a worldly force in food who has revolutionized the way we cook and eat. HILuxury was fortunate to have met Chef Puck at his Spago restaurant in Wailea, catching a break in his whirlwind schedule earlier this year.

In Spago’s sacred kitchen, HILuxury had the pleasure of seeing a master at work, pulling the perfect herbs, sprinkling the right amount of salt and squeezing just a touch of lemon to finish a spectacular creation.

Food is inspiring, and in that moment, our staff could totally see why.

Chef Puck’s story is one of humble roots and dedication, threaded together with grandma’s Austrian pastries, fresh Los Angeles tomatoes and now a special Hawaiian fish prepared just for HILuxury. We thought to carry the notion of “telling stories through food” in this issue, weaving in food tidbits throughout columns on beauty, gardening and even product-shopping.

In HIPowered, local wine figure Lyle Fujioka literally tells his life story with food. Lyle worked with Le Bistro chef Alan Takasaki to create a nine-course “timeline” just for HILuxury, which symbolically recounted tales from a career of resilience. Over scallops and Muscovy duck, and between sips of perfectly paired wines, Lyle shared heartfelt insights with us.

Whatever food means to you – fresh bread reminiscent of mom, or an opportunity to serve the community through Meals on Wheels – remember that good taste extends beyond the kitchen. Good taste is evident in the heart and soul put into what you do. Bon appetit!

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