To quote the old gospel standard, Daniel Dae Kim was Lost, but now he’s found – right here on the cover of the autumn issue of HILuxury.

When I first contacted Daniel about appearing on our cover and dressing him up for a fashion shoot, he was enthusiastic. “I’m always so grubby on Lost,” he said, “it would be fun to get dressed up!”

Speaking of dressing up and photos: We thought you might be interested in what goes into a big fashion shoot. It’s not as simple as “put on this outfit and smile for the camera.”

On a Sunday morning a team of seven people from HILuxury – photographer Leah Ball, creative director Gina Lambert, stylist Yu Shing Ting, writer Katherine Nichols, managing editor Darlene Dela Cruz, designer Cody Kawamoto and makeup/hair stylist Melanie Madamba – met Daniel at The Kahala Hotel & Resort with clothes he personally selected from Ferragamo. The team also got a much-appreciated assist from Geraldine Rojales, the hotel’s marketing service manager. To get the five photos you see, Leah shot about 300 images. Back in the office, even more people were involved in choosing the published five.

The process and cast of characters was much the same in shooting the fantasy fashion spread featuring model Kate Schuette at Foster Botanical Garden, except that Nadine Kam was the stylist and Walea Constantinau from the Honolulu Film Office helped coordinate. Also lending a hand was a friendly security guard, Dennis Kawakami, who helped lug the team’s generator to power their lights. And instead of a sunny day in Kahala, it was a rainy night in lower Nuuanu. Between rain showers and roaches the shoot went on, and I could not be more proud of our people and the great spread they labored to produce.

Luxury doesn’t come easy. You have to work for it. Which makes it all the more enjoyable.

We’re glad you found this issue of HILuxury and hope you enjoy it too.