On Trend with Molly Watanabe


I’ve been suffering from some major season envy lately that hasn’t just been brought on by warmer-than-usual weather. Now, I know Hawai’i’s even-keeled, almost always sunny tropical climate is generally not something to complain about, particularly when the rest of the country is an icy, snowy mess. But still, if I could change one thing about the weather here, I’d ask for a month or two of chilly days-nothing crazy, mind you, but just cool enough to wear jackets, sweaters, and of course, boots.

Ask just about any woman, and she’ll tell you how much she loves boots. I sometimes think that women in Hawai’i are more enamored with them than their mainland counterparts, since boots are really more of a luxury for us as opposed to a necessity for those dealing with colder weather. They’re a novelty, something we wear when the temperature dips below 75 degrees (which is pretty much almost never), or, if you’re like me, something you start wearing as soon as the calendar offi cially hits “autumn” and all you can think about are boots, boots and more boots.

Every fall/winter fashion season brings with it that “it” boot.

This season, it was Givenchy’s equestrian-meets-urban, over-the-knee, low-wedge boot, complete with bridle-like buckle. Defi nitely a statement, this look isn’t for everyone, though style risk-takers really flocked to it. And in Hawai’i, with our 80-degree-plus weather, a look like this-no matter how edgy-becomes impractical.

We can, however, pull off more wearable boot looks close to the equator, and designers are offering a lot of different options, from booties to ankle boots to calf boots to knee-high boots. Booties of any kind work, even in warm weather, with a low heel or a high one. One look we can utilize more frequently in Hawai’i that other colder climates can’t is shorts with boots; this just won’t fly in winters elsewhere! So this winter, let’s embrace the boot, regardless of the weather, and as with other seasonal trends, make it work for us here. Your fellow women of Hawai’i will thank you for it.

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