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Fitness buffs, take note: Kinesis Personal is a 360-degree smooth operator.

“Kinesis.” It is only fitting if the word conjures flashbacks to humdrum high school chemistry lectures. Of ancient Greek origin, “kinesis” references movement or reaction to stimulus.

Alas, cue the wellness realm’s new crown jewel: Kinesis—a dynamic, 360-degree exercise mechanism that activates the body’s full range of motion.

“Kinesis is an engaging workout combining balance, stability and strength to increase workout variety and burn more calories,” shares Isabel Coscia, vice president of marketing of Technogym USA. “Kinesis fits beautifully with the Hawaiian lifestyle—in harmony with nature and natural movements.”

Easy to use, quiet and safe, Kinesis touts what could be christened the Virtuvian Man workout à la Da Vinci—or what Technogym refers to as “a return to the origins of human movement” through the rediscovery of fundamental motor abilities.

“Kinesis takes what the body does naturally [and] adds resistance, resulting in an experience humming with the joy of movement. There is nothing like it,” says Coscia. “You can improve body stability, articulatory flexibility, proprioceptivity, strength and increase dexterity.”

Inspired by science and nature, Kinesis’ signature “Full Gravity” system is a unique innovation that delivers a joint-friendly workout. Effective solo or coupled with other activities, Kinesis offers the ideal solution for homeowners looking for the lion’s share of a wellness-focused style of living. From simple reps to customized training for the whole body, its elegant versatility activates multiple energy platforms.


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Aulani's Mikimiki Fitness Center is one place to give the contempo Kinesis a tug (photo courtesy Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa).

“Technogym’s philosophy of a balanced approach to life [melds] good nutrition, movement and positive thought,” Coscia shares. “When considering Kinesis, prepare to exercise your wellness creativity and enjoy working out in a whole new way.”

From haute hotels to household dwelling spaces, Kinesis Personal’s elegant design and versatility make it a natural addition to any health- and design-conscious household.

The Kinesis Personal ( is the thoroughbred of home recreation. This regal steed boasts over 400 different exercises in less than one square meter—via a trio of handgrip sets—sans adjustments. This sleek machine is also a physiological pioneer: the first piece of designer fitness furniture to re-establish body and mind equilibrium.

For Kinesis Personal, comfort, design and effectiveness are top notch. The machine’s standard individual movements engage specific muscles (chest, glutes, back, abs, quadriceps), while combination motions to work multiple target muscle groups.

Similar to purchasing a new car, Kinesis Personal comes in various models tailored to your fitness goals.

The POWER version excels in general toning, working gluteal muscles, arms, legs, abdominals and female-tailored regimens. The SHAPE structure boosts weight loss, flexibility, mobility, coordination and posture. SPORT is recommended for golfers, tennis players, trainers, skiers and sailors. Lastly, opting for a three steel panel VISION wall offers reflection sans distortion for midst-rep posture checks.

Amplifying the aesthetics, once you’ve selected a model, you can custom-craft your machine par deux to match an interior space: Heritage (fitted with wooden oak bars) and Vision (covered with polished steel and mounted panels).

“An interior design element, an objet d’art, Kinesis Personal is in eloquent sync with the modern world of hip design and purpose,” Coscia cites. “[The] Heritage version is available in four colors: Black, Cream or Brown Leather Finish, and in the new Gold Limited Edition, manufactured using a gold leaf technique inspired by ancient Florentine craftsmanship.”

Aromatic full-grain leather surface panels, just one of many masculine ensembles.

From American oak midnight-hued walls, to gold leaf-covered panels and surfaces in velvety cream, Kinesis Personal is compact, effective and gracefully fashion-forward.

A perk of investing in this lustrous structure is that all versions include accessories and exclusive personal training services to fire up your sweat sessions. For lower body movements, loop in the ankle strap and revolving attachment. Add a Wellness Ball—a stabilizing mechanism for flexibility and mobility—or yoga mat—for floor routines— and creative actions are nearly infinite.

Note: As a precautionary measure, consult with your doctor before commencing Kinesis or any exercise regimen.

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