Spring Into Resort Golf

Improve your golf game – and your look – this season

Living the luxury resort life at the golf course is where “the good life” is considered the norm, rather than the exception! The tranquil pace of resort golf and life allows a person, as the great golfer and raconteur Walter Hagen quipped in the 1930s, “to never hurry, never worry” and to “smell the plumerias along the way!”

Hagen actually said to smell the flowers, but perhaps he never had the good fortune of living in the islands! To truly live the good life, you also have to dress the part TOMMY BAHAMA and there is no better sportswear line than to capture the essence of relaxed sophistication in men’s and women’s sportswear.

TOMMY BAHAMA GOLF 18 launched in January 2006 at the PGA Show in Orlando, Fla., taking the luxury island lifestyle brand from the clubhouse to the links. This highly innovative collection embodies vibrant, sun-drenched colors and cotton-rich, technical fabrics. TOMMY BAHAMA GOLF 18 makes it easy to not only look great on the golf course but also to bring the island lifestyle home – no matter where you live. For TOMMY BAHAMA, it’s a matter of attitude, not latitude. “When we started the company, our idea was to create an environment/brand that caters to that island attitude in people’s minds,” says Lucia Dalla Gasparina, executive vice-president of design.

Completing the look for the resort golfer is a wide array of the latest techno-gadgets and gizmos designed to keep them healthy and make the game and their lives easier. Every serious golfer wants to know the correct yardage in playing a shot, and it’s extremely rare for any tour professional to not carry a GPS Yardage Finder. The USGA also has recently ruled that these devices are legal for tournament play and posting of scores for handicap purposes. The top two yardage finders on the market currently are Sky Caddie and Bushnell with a price range starting around $200.

Magnet therapy, designed to reduce pain, relieve stress, prevent injury and promote better balance also is a huge market in the golf industry with magnets attached to every conceivable body part via bracelets, necklaces, back braces, foot pads, golf gloves – you name it. Whether or not there’s a placebo effect happening is arguable, but it’s a fact that many golfers swear by the rejuvenating results. Even if there’s no health effect, the latest designs function as beautiful pieces of jewelry as well. Probably the best-selling magnet therapy product is Q-Ray, followed by Trion:Z with price points starting around $100.

Completing the ultimate look of the “styling” resort golfer is sporting the latest sunglasses from Oakley. Hot onto the market in 2008 is the Nanowire, an ultra-lightweight titanium alloy featuring Memory Metal, creating an adaptable fit that borders on zero gravity. For the multi-tasking executive business golfer or perhaps the Generation X golfer, the Oakley Thump is the world’s first digital music eyewear allowing golfers to listen to their favorite tunes while strolling down the fairways.

Remember that you will play your best golf when you’re relaxed and tension free-before you play! Many people get this point completely backwards. They may initially take up the game to relax but once they are actually on the course playing, they end up trying way too hard, death-gripping the golf club and only getting more frustrated as a result. They misunderstand that you really need to relax first to play great golf. The best tip for any golfer prior to making a golf swing is to take a deep breath, relax and clear your mind from all the well-meaning do’s and don’ts you have tried to memorize, grip the club lightly and swing away freely! Go find your ball and do it again until you’ve finished the game!

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