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House of Creed defines the smell of luxury with its custom blends

The House of Creed has been creating scintillating scents for the world’s elite for almost 250 years. One of the oldest family businesses in the world, this olfactory dynasty is currently led by

Olivier Creed, a sixth-generation descendant of James Henry Creed, who founded his first shop in London circa 1760. Queen Victoria appointed Creed the official parfumeur of the British royal family, and the house soon garnered favor as the perfume purveyor of choice for most of the major royal houses of Europe. in 1854, at the bequest of Empress Eugenie, the company moved its headquarters to Paris, where it has remained ever since.

Until the last few decades, Creed was a well-kept secret but has become increasingly well-known with the expansion of its commercial line. What many people don’t know is that for tens of thousands of dollars, Creed will create a custom perfume blend that is tailored to the client. Steeped in the tradition of its roots, the blend is formulated after a series of consultations spanning several months. Olivier Creed personally selects natural essences from the far reaches of the planet to formulate his complex perfumes. Like fine wine, Creed’s perfumes are said to age well, and are reported to contain one of the highest concentrations of natural ingredients.

Over the years, The House of Creed has scented an impressive list of moneyed, titled and famous patrons. The Hollywood set is the royalty of our modern-day era, and Creed has customized fragrances for an impressive list of stars, such as Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone and Harrison Ford, to name a few.

The House of Creed perfume line is available locally at Neiman Marcus, with prices for commercial blends ranging up to $320 for 8.5 ounces. For information about custom blends, you must contact the company directly; check out its website at for more information.

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