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Taking a fresh approach to beauty with new spring products

Living in an environment marked by clear, blue skies, abundant flora and lush mountain rain forests, we pride ourselves on natural living and beauty. So it’s no surprise that Hawaii is a leader in embracing organic and fine cosmetics. among the product lines to make their debut are Malie Organics and Pure&True. Bulgari also introduces a new skincare line featuring rich gemstones.


Throughout human history, gemstones have been objects of superstition and beauty. They have been worn to enhance appearance, to ward off evil and, in some cases, to attract bad luck. But it took modern science to discover how these treasures from the earth can be used to work their magic on inner beauty as well.

Bulgari has been recognized for more than a century for the quality craftsmanship that goes into its fine jewelry. The company recently introduced its skincare line, made in Switzerland, utilizing Bvlgari Gem Essence. The exclusive formula contains micronized powders comprised of fine and precious gemstones – sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and citrine – imbued with properties that improve the luminosity of skin.

Formulations of minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium and zinc are combined with oligoelements naturally present in the body to help increase collagen and elastin production.

The products are a result of research conducted by Jean-Paul Marty, a professor of dermopharmacology and cosmetology at the University of Paris South, and a member of the Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) set up to provide the European Commission with advice related to non-food issues.

The BVLGARI line features cleansers, as well as two protective skincare lines:

Precieuse Line, which contains Polypeptides iii anti-aging complex for smoother, toned skin, with a reduction in wrinkles and brown spots; and Lumiere Line, which contains Hydraporine to increase hydration to optimum levels, allowing skin to look radiant and perfectly nourished.

It would be a feat if science has indeed found a way in which beauty could prove as durable as fine gems.

The BVLGARI skincare line is exclusive to Neiman Marcus.


Based on Kauai, founders Shaun and Dana Roberts took inspiration from the Garden isle, using only indigenous Hawaiian flora to create their line of luxury spa products.

Each contains Hawaiian hydrosols, floral waters that contain the essence of plants as well as their heavenly scents.

The plants are grown using sustainable, USD a-backed organic techniques and technologies at the Malie farm at Kilohana. Organic facial tonics are made with pure organic spring water from the slopes of Haleakala on Maui.

Their product line ranges from soy candles to luxurious soaps and body creams with scents of coconut vanilla, mango nectar, pikake, plumeria and the distinctively crisp, verdant scent of maile that is the signature of the Koke’e collection. in keeping with the company’s earth-friendly philosophy, a percentage of sales of the Koke’e line benefits the Koke’e resource Conservation Program to protect the 13,000 acres of rain forest spread across Koke’e State Park on Kauai. Look for Malie Organics at Princeville resort and the Moana Lani Spa at the Moana Surfrider

Pure & True

Michelle Garcia grew up with a love of nature and conversation, and working on development of a LEED home on Maui (designed to meet a national standard for sustainable building set by the U.S. Green Building Council), she became even more aware of the prevalence of toxic ingredients in common household goods, including cosmetics.

She was pregnant with her son and worried about his health, because research has shown that harmful chemicals in a mother’s bloodstream also can be found in their newborns.

Pure & True grew out of her search for an organic skincare line that could live up to her belief that natural cosmetics should support natural skin functions, rather than create imbalances. The luxury product line is formulated with antioxidant and phytochemical compounds derived from tea plants, blue-green algae, kelp and hibiscus. Scents are from essential oils of roses, jasmine and neroli, rather than artificial fragrances. all of Pure&True’s creams and serums are petroleum- and paraben-free, formulated to meet the stringent European Union Cosmetics Directive “to ban chemicals known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects.”

“Live True” is the company’s social and environmental commitment, and it donates a percentage of profits to Women for Women international.

Look for the products at Four Seasons at Hualalai and online at

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