Range Rover Supercharged

A sleek combo of off-road toughness and elegance

Land Rover has been one of the leading manufacturers of authentic four-wheel drive vehicles since 1948. With various models encompassing a range of amenities and technologies, Land Rover is proud of its work as representing “a true breadth of capability” in automobiles.

Entering the new decade, the company continues its push to be innovative.

The new 2010 Range Rover Supercharged model exemplifies that. With new additions in engine efficiency and state-of-the-art dashboard features, the Range Rover Supercharged improves upon the brand’s already successful SUV model.

“The 2010 Range Rover is a considerable step forward for what is already regarded as the one of the world’s most complete luxury vehicles,” says Phil Popham, Land Rover managintg director. “New engines deliver formidable power, efficiency and customary Range Rover refinement.”

The all new LR-V8 5.0L supercharged engine was developed by the Jaguar Land Rover powertrain team. The 510 bhp engine delivers more power and torque than the model’s prior 4.2-liter supercharged engine, all the while maintaining a low level of emissions. It offers a fuel injection system that delivers fuel directly to the cylinder, improving low-speed, dynamic response for better on- and off-road performance. A sixth-generation Eaton twin vortex system supercharger is fitted to the engine, significantly reducing noise output.

That said, the 2010 Range Rover Supercharged can go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds.

The engine works together with the ZF HB28 six-speed automatic transmission, ensuring smooth and easy shifts. It also features an “intelligent sport mode” that adapts to individual driving styles. Predictive technologies also extend to the new Adaptive Dynamics and Terrain Response systems, which adjust ride control based on road and driver conditions – the Range Rover Supercharged even accommodates driving in sand and rocky environments.

“Its combination of unrivaled all-terrain performance with the ultimate in comfort and refinement remains a clear industry benchmark,” Popham says.

Braking and stability also see marked improvement with the 2010 Range Rover Supercharged. Fifteen-inch ventilated discs form the front braking system, while 14.3-inch ventilated discs take care of the rear. In addition, both the Dynamic Stability Control system and Roll Over Stability Control system utilize the brakes to avoid accidents or rollover.

Design of the 2010 Range Rover Super-charged incorporates modern refinements to the brand’s classic look. Headlights maintain the quintessential interlocking circle design, but incorporate new LED technology. LED indicators also are present on the vehicle’s “three stripe” side indicators, along with redesigned three-section fender vents.

Luxury grade European leather lines the vehicle’s interior. Touches of satin black and natural wood finishes also add a feel of luxury to this SUV.

Perhaps most innovative on the inside of the 2010 Range Rover Supercharged is its information center. A 12-inch Thin Film Transistor screen is the heart of the vehicle’s instrument cluster. It delivers system warnings, environmental temperature and vehicle information in whatever priority the driver customizes, with controls at the driver’s fingertips. DVD, video and audio systems also can be controlled with ease. A Portable Audio Interface allows for efficient connectivity to any iPod, while the hard-drive navigation system reliably tracks routes and driving directions.

The 2010 Range Rover Super-charged continues Land Rover’s commitment to excellence, while maintaining its tried-and-true reputation for safe and reliable vehicles. With its new features and integrated technology, it is charging ahead to raise the SUV bar.

Range Rover Supercharged
Engine: 5.0 liter V-8; 510 horsepower
Acceleration: 0-60 in 5.9 seconds
Braking: 15-inch ventilated front discs; 14.3-inch rear ventilated discs
Sound system: Portable Audio Interface for connectivity to iPod and
MP3 players; optional HD Radio
Price: Starting at about $95,125

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