On Trend With Molly Watanabe

Always on the lookout for instant classics, I’ve been really excited about the popularity of cross-body bags as of late. Every designer has a version (or several), from Coach to Gucci to Louis Vuitton, ranging from simple and casual to more extravagant.

While some styles are just large enough for a credit card, phone and lipstick, other styles are roomier, allowing space for other necessities. Size options and space availability aside, one fantastic thing that all cross-bodies have in common is the hands-free factor. Who doesn’t love being able to carry a bag without actually using your hands? This aspect means cross-body bags fall into the category of fashion magic! Want your look to be stylish yet still be functional? Try a cross-body bag and poof, there you have it!

Another great thing about the trend is the fact that there are so many different options in terms of shape and style. From 100-percent leather to chain straps to logo prints, every fabrication is available.

Your favorite designer will most likely have a version you want.

Color-wise, you can go neutral for an everyday bag, or even choose something bright for a little pop of color. Pick your poison-there’s something for everyone here.

Finally, I have to say that I’ve noticed that my cross-body bags keep me standing up a little straighter, since I’m not weighed down on one side from a traditional bag. If better posture is a side effect from this functional and fashionable trend, how can you say no to it? Yet another reason this trend falls into the category of fashion magic!


TOP TO BOTTOM: Chloé Baylee bag; Gucci Soho pink leather disco bag; Coach Legacy Studded Penny bag.

Portrait by Leah Friel; Photos Courtesy Of Brands

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