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2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600

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Most car manufacturers focus on satisfying the driver and, maybe to a lesser degree, the front passenger. But among the super high-class, large sedans, luxury makers are shifting to rear occupants. Exhibit A for this redirection is the brand-new Mercedes-Maybach S600. By taking the already large Mercedes S class four-door sedan and stretching the wheel-base by more than 8 inches, and putting all the additional room in the back-seat area, there is plenty of space for passengers— and any and all of their accoutrements.

Worry not that the driver is chauffeuring some slow tugboat. With a 6-liter, V-12 dual turbo power plant producing 523 horsepower tied to 7-speed automatic, plenty of speed is available instantly. Expect a 0-60 time in about 4.7 seconds.

The front cabin is not ignored, since it is clearly a high-tech arena. Two large, iPad-like screens face the driver with multiple choices and functions. With the use of a mouse-type device on the console, you actually can draw numbers on the screen to, for example, select a radio station. Four-zone air conditioning handles the climate everywhere. Three-hundred-and-sixty-degree outside cameras show exactly what is around the vehicle. For the parallel-parking challenged, the car will park itself by locating a large enough stall and taking over the steering function.

And the super large sunroof has the ability to change color from clear to opaque. And speaking of colors, all throughout the vehicle are various lights in numerous locations. More importantly, the ambiance can be changed with seven different color light choices.

Safety issues are handled on a number of fronts. The Mercedes will pull you back into your lane if another vehicle is in a lane you try to enter. The car warns you if there is danger in front, and will stop the car whether the danger is another vehicle or a pedestrian. And if the worst happens in the form a collision, the seat belt automatically tightens around you.

But the real treat shows up in the back seats. First, there are two separate beautiful leather seats. Legroom is enormous, and for the lucky passenger on the right side, the front passenger seat can be moved far forward. Leg supports can swing up, and the back of the seat can tilt down for that badly needed nap. For your entertainment, each rear passenger has their own video screen mounted on the back of the front seats. To make the interior darker, power sunshades are provided for each door and the back window. And the rear passenger can control the climate throughout the vehicle. Mirrors are mounted on the ceiling to make those final adjustments before exiting.

Pressing the massage button can cure any stiffness resulting from your tough business day. Individual magic kneading balls move around based on your choice and direction.

Quietness, particularly in the rear seat, is one obvious driving characteristic. Major thrust is clearly available, and the ride is smooth and not disturbed by uneven road surfaces.

By reintroducing the Maybach name to the Mercedes large sedan luxury lineup, back seat occupants certainly may be inspired to start singing that old Janis Joplin tune: “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends,” as they cruise down the highway.

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