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‘Ewa to Downtown in 3 Minutes

With some hypothetical coopera- tion from HPD and the closing of some O’ahu highways, your commute time at a top speed of 268 mph would certain- ly be substantially shortened. All you need is the fastest and most expen- sive sports car presently made-the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. For a mere $2.4 million you can acquire this 1,200-horsepower, 16-cylinder limited production (there were 40 made this year) super car. This version of Veyron has 199 more horsepower than earlier incarnations, which hopefully satisfied the troubled souls who complained 1,000 horsepower wasn’t enough to get their motor running.

All the glamorous high tech features are part of the package: a 7-speed Formula One-type super-quick shifting transmission tied into a very special all- wheel drive system. Carbon fiber parts are everywhere, which cut weight as well as strengthen the body. Oh, by the way, the special Michelin tires that sup- port this high-speed cost only $10,500 per tire. See you on the H-1.

Cruisers VS Rockets

In the motorcycle world there are generally two divisions: The bigger, heavier, chrome cruisers exempli- fied by Harley-Davidson, and the performance-oriented, lightweight, high RPM bikes like the Kawasakis.

The high end of each faction best contrasts the differences. A $40,000 Harley Screaming Eagle (with a full options package) was added to the line this year. Boasting a large, 110-cubic-inch engine (with no shortage of chrome) and packing 900 pounds, this bike is plenty fast on the straights-but it’s not designed to rip through corners. Cruising is its forte, with a six-speaker stereo (with iPod connectivity), a massive seat, and large saddlebags.

In contrast is the Kawasaki Ninja ZX series, which touts rocket ship performance. Weighing about 450 pounds, these bikes have a 1-liter high- tech powerplant tied to a six-speed transmission, impose a low stance and feature huge disc brakes. Built entirely for acceleration and cornering, the top speed is over 190 mph with a zero to 60 time of under 3 seconds.

Strap on the helmet and put on the leathers; you’re ready to race.

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