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Mattress makers spare no expense when it comes to producing their top-of-the-line beds. Which one rules?

Not all beds are created equal. Pillow tops, memory foam, adjustable beds—these are just a few of the attributes you’ll come across when shopping for your next mattress. And with all the advancements being made and quality materials being utilized in the mattress department, getting to dreamland may mean making a big investment—up to six figures to be exact.

“Each year, the technologies in beds are getting better and better. From improvements in foam, gel, fabrics and coils, they all contribute to comfort and support that leads to a better night’s sleep. That is what we are all after,” says Mary Racca-Ventura, of C.S. Wo & Sons.

Sure these high-end beds might set you back a pretty penny. But then again, can you really put a price tag on getting a good night’s sleep? See what the latest beds have to offer…


As popular culture eats green and goes organic, paying more attention to what we put into our bodies is also sprouting concern over where we rest our heads.

Ushering in a line of Oprah-approved, 100-percent organic sleepers, SlumberWorld’s bounty of OMI OrganiPedic mattresses (, tiered from $2,995 to $8,495 for queen sets, are artisan-fashioned from the finest natural raw materials. Round mattresses and custom fits? You bet.

“When one has a conflict between comfort and safety, why not choose both? OrganiPedic not only offers the psychological peace of mind, but also a luxury, comfortable mattress built on the third dimension of safety,” shares Walt Bader, OrganiPedic founder. “If you find a mattress purer than ours, we will give it to you for free.”

Design Within Reach (, too, offers an earth-friendly Sonno Aloe Versa Mattress conceptualized with couples in mind. Two individual, reversible mattress halves, snugly pressed together within a bamboo-poly cover and mesh bands, fight moisture and help the body maintain its ideal temperature. Comprised of a bio polyurethane foam core and expanded with natural oils, Bio Mind Foam with aloe versa extract, a 66-percent polyester/34-percent bamboo quilted cover, and ranging $2,595 to $2,995, the Sonno makes a sustainable addition to any modern bedroom.


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OrganiPedic's stylish sleepers make going green look and feel great.


These luxurious boudoir staples take evening z’s a step up. “The Simmons Beautyrest Black line is unique from any other brand. Their triple-woven, high carbon steel springs are the most durable and provide the least amount of motion transfer than any traditional coil mattress,” Racca-Ventura explains. “They also integrate Tencel fibers in their upholstery, which wicks away moisture from the body to help regulate body temperature.”

Fashioned of trademarked Micro Diamond-infused Aircool memory foam, this chic noir et blanc sleeper, starting $2,399 up to $5,999 for queen sets, will elevate your home to haute-couture status.

Across the pond, and in major metropolises such as Manhattan, Savoir Beds ( has provided first-class slumber to the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Sir Winston Churchill since 1905. The original sleeping standard of London’s Savoy Hotel is now available worldwide, so you, too, can treat yourself to REMs in the regal lap of luxury. These bespoke, cloud-like beds could set you back anywhere from $20,950 to $175,000, and are tailored to user, moldable into any size or shape. Tall springs and lavish layers of premium-quality natural fillings provide perfect balance for the best night’s sleep possible.

Simply select your fabric and upholstering accoutrements, and transform your bedroom into a posh pad, as you float away to dreamland. Crafted of natural, chemical-free fibers for blue-blooded bedtimes, and designed under a construction method mirroring early 1900s Edwardian glamour, this top-of-the-line bed soothes pressure points for optimum daytime performance.


The bed that launched a thousand memory-foam mattresses, Tempur-Pedic ( certainly played a pivotal role in innovative sleeping solutions. The ubiquitous “hand print on the mattress” image hasn’t lost any of its effectiveness—Tempur-Pedic is still one of the best-selling beds to date. Its top-of-the-line, 15-inch thick GrandBed combines two kinds Tempur material for more comfort and extra support, in addition to a quilted silk-cashmere cover and an antimicrobial treatment. A queen set starts at $8,299 at SlumberWorld.

Another entry into the modern material category is Technogel ( Designed and made in Italy, it makes use of body-conforming gel to support and provide a truly restful sleep. Unlike some of the “gel-infused” beds and toppers out there that use mere specks of gel infused in a foam base, Technogel is the only brand to use a full layer of gel, which won’t harden or age over time. These beds also claim to be able to lower your body temperature at points of contact and is able to better disperse heat and moisture, making it a good choice for Hawai‘i’s typically warm weather. Its top-tier Vive bed, which features a 13-inch thick mattress with a 1.25-inch top layer of patented, body-conforming Technogel, is priced at $8,599 for a queen set.

To quote the good folks at Technogel, it seems that comfort really is the new luxury.

Sonno Aloe Versa Mattress courtesy Design Within Reach; all other photos courtesy brands

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