It’s a Guy Thing

You treat your car to a special wash every so often, so why wouldn’t you do yourself the same favor?

It’s simple logic, really—just like your car, your body needs extra TLC on occasion to keep it looking its best. Expand your spa knowledge with facials, massages, manicures and waxing that will leave you looking and feeling great. even better, the treatments outlined below aren’t retrofitted versions of women’s beauty services—these were made just for you men out there…


Contrary to popular belief, facials aren’t just for women, and they don’t always involve cucumber eye masks and lavender-scented aromas. If you want to press a reset button for your skin after the everyday wear-and-tear it goes through (i.e. sun exposure and daily shaving), facials are an easy spa service to start with. Mandara Spa’s ( Elemis Urban Cleanse for Men is a popular choice for those looking for a deep cleaning facial that decongests skin. Using specialty men’s products from the Elemis esthetic line, the super-grooming treatment gets rid of dirt stuck deep inside pores for a noticeably fresh feel. In the North Shore, a trip to Nalu Kinetic Spa at Turtle Bay Resort ( for a Men’s Environmental Repair Facial is a treat. If you fall victim to uneven skin or overexposed skin, the 90-minute facial uses aloe vera and lime-infused products to help reverse sun damage and razor-burned skin.


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The manicure station at The Modern Honolulu’s Lather Spa (photo courtesy hotel).


Massages are more familiar territory for men heading into the spa. Yes, massages relax your body and are an excuse for an hour away from the day’s responsibilities, but there are health benefits to the treatment too—nixing neck pain, relieving stress on your joints, recovering sore muscles and, of course, reducing stress. Something as simple as sitting on your wallet for too long can cause back pain and call for a massage appointment. A favorite among male clients at The Kahala Spa ( is the Athletic Rebound massage. The 90- or 120-minute treatment is based on the fundamentals of pressure, reflex zone therapy and a series of muscle stretches to reenergize the body. Your skin will noticeably feel smoother and moisturized post-massage thanks to a full body exfoliation with their all-natural scrub.


A lot of men automatically shoot down manicures without giving them a chance—let’s call it fear of the unknown. When you think about it, a great handshake is the first step to success. Sure it may sound a bit cheesy, but it’s true. A quick men’s manicure breakdown for those who’ve never ventured into the treatment: a nail technician shapes and files your nails for a clean look, tidies up your cuticles with cuticle cream, massages hands and arms (often times with reflexology techniques), and finishes by buffing nails for a healthy, shiny look. At Lather Spa located in Th e Modern Honolulu (, gentlemen are stepping in for the Men’s Manicure. “I’ve been noticing that more and more men are getting manicures and pedicures, especially with their significant other,” says Makiko Braxton, spa manager at Lather Spa. With your better half, a pal or by yourself, try a manicure the next time you find yourself in need of a pick-me-up, or at the very least, something to make those rough hands a little smoother to the touch.


Don’t laugh. Manscaping—removing hair from your body for a tidier look—is a regular ritual for ordinary men and celebrities alike. Even Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr. meets with “Hollywood’s Eyebrow King” Damone Roberts for brow maintenance. At European Wax Center ( in Kahala Mall, anything from eyebrows to chest waxes are fair game. Out of the extensive 26 men’s waxing options, the most popular services are legs, nose, chest and brows. An easy rule of thumb: If you have stray hairs extending beyond your brow line or unruly strands between your two brows, an eyebrow wax is worth it. Ask your waxing technician for recommendations on the shape of your brows and they’ll help you decide what spots need cleaning and a natural brow shape that’s flattering for your face shape. As for the level of pain involved in waxing, it depends on where you’re getting waxed. Sensitive skin areas require a higher pain tolerance, so brows are a common first base for waxing beginners. Once the warm wax is laid onto an area of skin, it’s stripped off like a Band-Aid— quick but a tad painful.

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