Getting distracted during a workouts used to be frowned upon, but now, distractions have become the key to getting better results and, oftentimes, a better body.

Often called digital fitness, or fitness 2.0, the latest movement in the exercise realm is all about immersive experiences that help users compete with themselves and others in a fun and interactive way that helps pass the time while getting a good work-out in. Digital fitness got its start with wearable devices like FitBits and AppleWatches, and has hit the group fitness circuit hard with classes like OrangeTheory and SoulCycle taking off; but it’s the latest in-home machines that are taking this trend to the next level. From virtual reality workouts that sculpt your body with robotic precision to machines that allow you to attend your favorite NYC classes from the comfort of your own home, the future of fitness is high tech and it’s virtually the best thing since the Pilates ball.


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Who doesn’t love a good plank challenge?

The most fun you’ll ever have in a plank, the Stealth core trainer ($199) works you out while you work through an interactive game of capturing targets and scoring points. The system employs Gameplay Technology through an easily downloadable app, where by simply attaching a smart phone in place on the multi-angle planking platform you can begin a perfectly balanced workout. Once the phone is in place, simply assume the position with your forearms in place on the board, begin one of the many games in the Stealth app, and then use your core as the controller to navigate the obstacles in the game. By tilting the board left and right, hinging forward, and twisting and turning you’ll get a full abdominal workout that hits 29 different muscles, including your oblique muscles, your lower back, your abs, your hips, and your arms. The clever approach targets your abs while taking your mind off the actual workout, leaving you free to focus on scoring big points in the game while your abs go into hyperdrive during the workout. The game’s random sequencing ensures that no two workouts are ever the same, and most games last as long as three minutes. stealthbodyfitness.com

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