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When the United States Golf Association increased the maximum allowable size for driver heads to 460cc in 2004, the mad scientists who inhabit golf company R&D labs went to work – “Moment of inertia, Igor, moment of inertia!” we imagine them cackling. Now the 2007 class of drivers is fully showing the benefits of the research. “Everyone’s going to the new 460cc drivers,” says Bruce Maeda, assistant professional at Ko Olina Golf Club – everybody meaning clubmakers, touring pros and weekend warriors. “The benefits are more forgiveness, bigger club faces and more stability.”

Featured here are some of the new 460cc drivers released in 2007.

And while new bigger bangers can indeed improve your game and your enjoyment of the game, a few adjustments have to be made. Here are a few tips from Maeda for hitting with the new 460cc drivers. 1. Tee up the ball a little higher, at least another half inch than normal. “The faces are deep faces, not the shallow faces of just a few years ago, so you want to make sure the ball is being hit at the center of the club,” explains Maeda. 2. At address, move a little closer to the ball. “I’ve noticed that people tend to stand a little farther from it because the head size is so big that it’s an optical illusion. It kind of throws you off at first.” 3. Swing easy and let the club do the work. “Because the club face is so big, it’s designed to be very forgiving. You don’t have to swing hard.”

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