Baby on board

Tote your toddler with the latest travel gear

Traveling with an infant can be quite a challenge. There is some extra big stuff to take and a lot of little stuff to pack.

“My advice to parents is to have a baby bag (to take with you on the plane) that is handy and compartmentalized with travel-size baby products and a first aid kit with infant Tylenol and teething tablets,” says Dr. Nadine Tenn Salle, a pediatrician at the Queen’s Medical Center. “You want this bag to be easily accessible (not in the overhead). Also, when picking a seat, request for the bulkhead seats with the wall in front. For babies that are slightly older, you can put a quilt down in that space between your seats and the wall for them, and for some of the larger carriers, they supply a bassinet that clips right on there.

“Also, because of the various temperature changes onboard and at the terminal, you want to bring things that can easily be layered on or off, including baby’s blanket and booties.”

To go with you on your travels, Neiman Marcus offers a great selection of dependable, stylish baby gear, including the lightweight Bugaboo stroller, a comfortable shearling baby carrier and different styles of diaper bags to hold all your baby necessities.

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