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Arch support – Get perfect brows..Now!

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IT STARTS WITH ONE HAIR, THEN ANOTHER AND, OH, JUST ONE MORE, BUT BEFORE YOU KNOW IT YOU’VE OVER~PLUCKED YOUR EYEBROWS. IT’S A COMMON mistake women often make that can be easily avoided by leaving it to the experts.

“Brows are the frame of the face,” notes Tamara Parks, Anastasia Brow Specialist at Nordstrom Ala Moana. “[Having] too-thin brows is probably the biggest mistake a lot of women make.”

Parks adds that fuller, thicker brows can make you look younger; and the high arch is what’s trending. In Hollywood, Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills is the go-to brow expert for countless celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Madonna.

“We start with the golden ratio which is what Da Vinci used to create symmetry in his arch,” explains Parks on Anastasia’s method. “So, from the crease of your nose straight up is the ideal point for your brow to begin, the corner of your nose and the corner of your eye is the ideal point for your brow to end, and the center of your nose and the center of your iris is the ideal point for the highest part of your arch.”

Getting your brows waxed is fast, easy and a° ordable. However, anyone using retinol or retinoids should avoid getting waxed. Also, if you’ve had a chemical peel or laser treatment, you should wait at least a week before getting a wax service. At Nordstrom’s Anastasia Brow Studio-located in a private room near the cosmetics counters-an eyebrow wax is $30. You also can wax your lip ($15), chin ($15), face ($40, includes eyebrows), forehead ($15) and sideburns ($15).

It’s also important for men to keep their brows well groomed, and there is a small, growing percentage of them who do.

“I’ve been noticing more and more guys are getting more comfortable coming in on their own,” says Patty Kim, esthetician/ makeup artist at Paul Brown. “With men, we keep it masculine, so there’s no arch and it’s mostly just cleaning. I usually trim it down a little bit and wax the middle and underneath. Men tend to have more unruly, longer, coarser hair. Some guys have the unibrow, and still for some, it’s really heavy on the lid and removing that really opens up the eyes a lot and gives your face shape.”

At Paul Brown, eyebrow waxing costs $20 and takes about 15 minutes. Most people will experience redness and possibly some itching afterwards, but it should go away within a day. For people who can’t or prefer not to wax, Paul Brown also offers a Trim and Tweeze.

Another depilation option, especially good for people who may be sensitive to waxing, is threading. It’s an ancient technique said to have originated in India but also is used in parts of the Middle East and is gaining popularity in America.

“I learned to thread growing up in Nepal,” says Ekta Tamang, threader at Beyond Bare at Ala Moana Center. “It’s an all-natural process. We use a special cotton thread designed for threading.”

If you’ve never seen someone get threaded, it’s quite amazing. The thread rubs against your skin and snips away the hair like a pair of sharp scissors. It feels like a rubber band snapping your skin, but it’s not painful and the only side effect is redness that should disappear within a day or two.

“I follow the natural shape of the brow,” says Tamang. “But I also can shape it to how the customer wants it.”

At Beyond Bare, eyebrow threading takes 10 to 15 minutes and the cost is $20. ° reading also can be done on your lip or chin ($15), forehead ($20), cheeks or neck ($30) or get a full face service with brow shaping for $65.

Whatever your method, it all comes down to this: a well-sculpted brow not only properly frames your face-it’s a quick, yet subtle way to give your face a natural lift and more refined appearance.

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