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Melissa Blake, ringleader at October’s anime-themed GIFT Foundation Gala, whips up events with that “special something.”

What’s a cake without sprinkles? Biting into a butter-cream slice sans rainbow specks is similar to planning an event in Hawai‘i without Melissa Blake’s “special touch.” With “lackluster” and “impossible” inexistent in her vocabulary, Blake is praised for showering magic “sprinkles” on the island’s most prestigious society functions.

Inspired by the positive feedback received from her work with The Howard Hughes Corporation, Special Olympics Hawaii and outrageous Halloween costume parties for The GIFT Foundation of Hawaii, Blake and her new business partners, a corps of financiers headed by entrepreneur and investor Dustin Sellers, launched Blake Entertainment Group LLC, a full-service event planning company touting “a new level of event production and entertainment” in September.

According to Blake, Blake Entertainment will be unlike anything ever seen in Hawai‘i. From floral and décor customization, to seeking materials beyond the Pacific, Blake accepts the challenge of orchestrating fabulous private and corporate shindigs with gusto.

Whether constructing floating bars over moats for Howard Hughes or transforming The Republik parking lot into a luxurious alfresco club for The GIFT Foundation, Blake trumpets all things extraordinary.


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From private gatherings and charity galas to highbrow corporate to-dos, Blake dazzles (photo courtesy Marella Photography).

“We call it sprinkles,” Blake explains with a beaming smile. “Our clients tell us they’ve worked with other event planners, but anybody can bake a cake, right? There are also basic ingredients to an event. It’s what you ‘frost on it’ that creates that phenomenal experience.

“My clients say, ‘We’ve been to other events, but there are no sprinkles.’ I can’t put a finger on it myself… but believe it’s simply analyzing what the event needs to be spectacular—it’s the secret ingredient.”

While abstract, dusting a few handfuls of that “little something extra” is what Blake’s color-coordinated team does best.

“We show up in tennis shoes; we put on our heels, then we put on our slippers when everyone goes home,” she laughs.

Spearheading avant garde affairs is no solo production; it requires endless collaboration. What kicks the Blake Entertainment troupe into high gear? A good challenge.

Blake acknowledges that some people may christen her ideas a little “crazy” and “out-of-the-box.” But in risk is where the reward lies.

“I love the problem-solving aspect of it. When someone comes to me and says, ‘We want to do this for the event, but by the way, it’s in the middle of the ocean.’ Then I’m immediately trying to figure out, ‘Okay, how can we do this?’”

“When I say to Howard Hughes, ‘Let’s build a pod in the middle of your parking lot’; they didn’t think twice. It came from a sketch on a piece of paper, and I said to them, ‘I have this vision. Can you see it?’”

Blake continues: “I am inspired by my clients, from the dynamic and creative GIFT Foundation board who I work with to produce Hawai‘i’s most memorable costume parties, to the extremely dedicated Foundation teams at Kapi‘olani Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the Historic Hawai‘i Foundation.”

Describing her work as “unforgettable, beautiful, exotic, creative, collaborative,” Blake is thankful for the trust and lasting partnerships she’s built with her clients—but above all, she’s ecstatic about what’s yet to come.

“We’ve begun to branch out to areas far beyond traditional event planning. These opportunities bring their own set of challenges but help keep our business fun and fresh.”

To the moon and back for Blake Entertainment’s next function? It wouldn’t surprise us. Sprinkle a little magic on top of your next soirée. Visit

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