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About a year ago, Trini Kaopuiki went on a trip with some girlfriends. one conversation had the friends discussing their dream jobs, and Kaopuiki shared her aspirations of one day hosting a TV show.

In February, it became a reality when Kaopuiki debuted as co-host alongside Taizo Braden in “Living808,” a new lifestyle program from KHON.

“I feel like this is what I was born to do,” she says. “I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot.”

Viewers may know of her best as KHON’s first weather anchor. Though in recent years she has only appeared in a part-time capacity, “Living808” marks her full-time return to the station.

“This feels like home for me,” Kaopuiki shares.

In the newsroom at KHON, Kaopuiki sits next to Braden, but at different cubicles. Kaopuiki’s desk is neatly organized. His is full of trinkets and mementos from a recent shoot the duo returned from in Las Vegas.

It represents, Braden animatedly explains, their personalities to a T.

“She has a style that definitely corresponds and complements mine,” he says. “As a team, I think we’re really hitting our stride.”

Braden just wrapped up his third year at KHON, having previously been on Hawaii News Now’s “Sunrise.”

It’s a career he sort of stumbled into. Braden had never appeared on TV before. But experience in real estate and as a pizza delivery driver had given him extensive knowledge of Hawai‘i’s roads, and landed him a gig as a traffic reporter.

But in news, Braden notes, stories are only allotted a few brief moments, at most. What “Living808” provides is a platform for Braden and Kaopuiki to thoughtfully and thoroughly tell a story.

“I think we both want the same thing: we want the show to do well,” says Kaopuiki. “We are both crazy people, we are both totally up for anything, which is nice, so we have a lot of fun together, we have a lot of fun on the show.”

“Living808” is more than just about viewers watching Braden and Kaopuiki interview guests. The show also heavily relies on social media as a means to interact with their audience.

“It’s that viewer interaction that this show allows that’s instantaneous almost, and you really don’t get that in any other news program,” says Braden.

“Living808” marks the first time Braden and Kaopuiki have had the opportunity to work with one other. It has, says Kaopuiki, turned out better than anyone could have hoped for.

“I just hope that this goes on for the future,” adds Braden.

“If anyone needs a change in the show, it should be me,” he adds with a laugh. “I’m sure they could find someone much better looking to be next to Trini.”

Though it hasn’t been on the air very long, it’s a show viewers already are positively responding to.

“I think we always hoped that the show would be watched and well-received, but you never really know,” says Kaopuiki. “We have felt so much love from the public. People really seem to be embracing it, so I just want to say ‘thank you’ to them.”

“Living808” airs on KHON Monday through Friday from 8 to 9 a.m., and again in the evening on CW from 4 to 5 p.m. For more information about “Living808,” visit, and find the show on Facebook (“Living808”tv) and Instagram (@”Living808”tv).

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