Men of Distinction

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The Making of a Gentleman

THEY’RE THE MEN WITH WHOM YOU’D ENJOY sitting and drinking a tall one. They exude cool confidence, yet are easy to approach and quick to laugh: They are Guy’s Guys. The HILuxury Team searched for some of Hawai’i’s lead- ing men and asked them to shoot the breeze.


What makes someone a Man’s Man, in your opinion?

Somebody who men respect. Someone who gets along with other men. And most importantly, someone who loves women. It’s cool to be a man’s man and I think it’s important too, to have man cave.

Name one man you admire.

Clint Eastwood, of course, and my hero, Jacques Cousteau. He was an icon and an inspiration to my generation, and inspired me to use my art to protect our water planet.

List three luxury items you always keep with you.

I always wear my Submariner Rolex, a Greek coin pendent from the 12th century featuring a boy riding a dolphin, and a positive attitude.

Where is your favorite place to be? Why?

I love floating around in the ocean because of the feeling of weightless- ness and the amazing animals that sometimes share their world. I love riding my motorcycles-Indians and Harleys.


What makes someone a Man’s Man, in your opinion?

To me, a man’s man is someone who can take charge of a situation and can inspire others to get behind him. It’s also someone who can shoot the shit with people and connect with them on a level that’s coming from a genuine integrity, rather than just ego.

Name one man you admire.

That would definitely be my dad, because despite his faults, he’s still honest about himself and has continued to be himself in a loving way.

Can you give us a songwriting tip?

Listen to your heart and try to avoid being influenced by those who judge your music.


What makes someone a Man’s Man, in your opinion?

In today’s world, my opinion of a Man’s Man would be someone more refined and adaptable. A man who does enjoy his masculin- ity by participation in sports that are competitive and physical in nature, like basketball or volleyball, but also enjoys those that are more technical like golf or skiing. Someone who enjoys watching a good physical football game but yet also enjoys go- ing to a concert or a play where other senses are stimulated.

Name one man you admire.

The man I admire the most is my father. He is slight in stature but is huge in what he has contributed to this world. He taught himself skills that he needed to run a dry goods business with his brothers. He was a devoted husband and father who raised four children who have contributed back to this society. He dedicated and sac- rificed his whole life working two jobs to ensure his family was taken care of. Never once did he ever ask for anything in return or demanded anything from us.

He is proud of his heritage and constantly shares his wisdom with us. Even in this day of complex relationships and added pressures you could always go to him for advice, and he seems to see through to the core of the problem and offer his advice or comfort.


What makes someone a ‘Man’s Man,’ in your opinion? To crib from Richard Corliss, “A man stands by his friends, protects his family, loves doing his work well, is at home out of doors, shares and plays fair and speaks his mind.”

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Did you take that advice?

The summer before my junior year at college I was wonder- ing whether or not I should go back to Boston. My parents told me to do whatever would make me happy. I stayed in Hawai’i and now I have a great job, a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter.

Name one man you admire. Why?

My dad. He grew up in Honouliuli and Ewa Beach and didn’t get a chance to go to the best schools. He enlisted in the Army, used the Army to pay for college and became an officer. I remember going to watch him box when I was a little boy. He’s still the most capable person I know.

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