Man Power

The essence of a man lies in his inimitable personal tastes and life experiences. Each guy profiled here is a solid icon in his field – altogether they demonstrate the myriad facets of men in Hawaii.

Shane Victorino – Baseball Player For World Series Champions Philadelphia Phillies

Who is the man you admire most, and why? The man I admire most is probably my father. He is the man who has structured me into the person I am today. My parents were there to guide me and teach me that the man upstairs is the ultimate Father.

What is the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had? Biggest adrenaline rush was definitely winning the World Series! It was a dream come true.

Best dish you cook: I like to make chicken katsu and fry up Spam for sure!

Favorite beverage: My favorite beverage has to be anything that has no alcohol when sitting on the beach in Hawaii!

Favorite recreational/relaxing activity: Spending time with my family.

Favorite ‘man toy’: Probably my cars.

Oldest, favorite article of clothing: Bob Marley shirts.

Favorite car you’ve owned: My Denali.

To you, living the good life means:Being blessed by God!

Egan Inoue – Mixed Martial Arts Champion

Who is the man you admire most, and Why? My grandpa, Shoso Narikawa. He had the best work ethics. He achieved so much in his life, but he always stayed humble and put his family first.

What is the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had?Free diving at 85 feet and spearing a 116-pound ulua.

Best dish you cook: Steak.

Favorite beverage: Iced tea.

Favorite recreational/relaxing activity: Surfing.

Favorite ‘man Toy’: Surfboard and paddleboard.

Latest song added to your Ipod: Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney.

Oldest, favorite article of clothing: My jiujitsu gi.

Favorite car you’ve owned: 911 Porsche Targa.

To You, living the good life means: Having the perfect balance between work, family and fun.

Andreas Delfs – Principal Conductor, Honolulu Symphony

Who is the man you admire most, and Why?George Washington – the ultimate leader, hands down.

What is the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had?Conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra at Carnegie Hall.

Best dish you cook: Risotto.

Favorite beverage: Beer from Flensburg, Germany (my hometown).

Favorite recreational/relaxing activity: Tinkering at the piano with a glass of my favorite beverage (see above).

Favorite ‘man toy’: A chainsaw. But I’m not allowed to have one.

Latest song added to your ipod: Cry Me a River by Julie London.

Oldest, favorite article of clothing: My first Banana Republic sweatshirt (now in total rags).

Favorite car you’ve owned: A 1969 red Karmann Ghia (that was a Volkswagon with a Porsche design).

To you, living the good life means: Traveling around the world with my family in tow.

Dr. Michele Carbone – Cancer Researcher, University Of Hawaii

Who is the man you admire most, and why? My grandfather, Nono. He was the kind of man who always helped everybody. He would never become upset. He spent 10-plus years in wars. During those years he got shot 10 times – he managed to recover when doctors thought he would not. He was sure that God saved him from death many times. He won all kinds of medals and honors and never bragged about it – instead, he told me that the real heroes were those who never made it back … He taught me to treat all people with the same respect, especially women, and that we have to be happy to make those around us happy.

What is the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had? Probably when I won my first game at a national chess championship. My opponent, Mr. Galasso, was in his late 50s, a big man with big mustaches. I was only 8 years old. He puffed his cigar smoke straight into my face for the whole two hours or so of the game. I thought, either I win soon or he will suffocate me out! I set up a trap and gave up my queen for a knight, and he fell right into it – with a big smile, he took my queen. I knew I had him, and it was difficult to remain sitting on my chair. I wanted to scream! Three more moves, and it was over. I was so happy; he did not say a word!

Best dish you cook: Spaghetti alle cozze (Spaghetti with mussels).

Favorite beverage: San Pellegrino sparkling water.

Favorite recreational/relaxing activity: Ping-Pong.

Favorite ‘man toy’: Punching bag.

Latest song added to your ipod: I do not have an iPod. My wife maintains the iPod, and I like best all the opera arias.

Oldest, favorite article of clothing: Leather jacket I won in a rodeo at the state fair in Dallas, Texas, in 1981.

Favorite car you’ve owned:The one I drive, a 1967 Mercedes 250SE.

To you, living the good life means: Cooking a nice dinner for my family and friends, and then jumping into the pool or ocean.

Col. Robert Rice – Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Base Hawaii

What is the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had? Probably in an OV-10 Bronco during Desert Storm at 10,000 feet over Kuwait at 0200 (early morning) just seconds after I realized that we just survived a near mid-air collision with an A-10. We couldn’t have missed each other by more than 5 feet. All the aircraft had their lights off, it was dark, moonless, and we were in and out of the oil clouds created by Saddam (Hussein) when he blew up the oil wells in Kuwait.

Who is the man you admire most, and why? That one is easy – my dad, Bob Rice. He taught the values of hard work, patriotism, doing the right thing, finding a passion for something in your life and putting your all to it. He was a public school teacher and coach for 36 years – all at the same school – and did not take one sick day in those 36 years! He also was a football official in the National Football League for 19 years.

Best dish you cook:Homemade pizza for my kids.

Favorite beverage: Diet Coke (alcohol-free), and of adult beverages, Kona Longboard.

Favorite recreational/ relaxing activity: Racquetball and watching football or NASCAR.

Favorite ‘man toy’:My 2003 BMW Z4.

Latest song added to your ipod, or five albums you’d like to have on a desert island: Girls Talk by Dave Edmunds, Boston’s debut album, Kansas’ Leftoverture, Steve Miller Band’s Greatest Hits album, Knack’s Get the Knack, and Jimmy Buffett’s Live album.

Oldest, favorite article of clothing: Oldest – my high school football jersey. Favorite, I have two: Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirts and my gray Marine Corps hoodie.

Favorite car you’ve owned:My current “man toy”!

To you, living the good life means: Being around family and friends in the greatest nation on earth – the U.S. – in any of the 50 states.

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