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As a parent, Mother’s Day has become one of my favorite holidays. It’s been said that being a mom is a thankless job. Sometimes it may feel that way, but honestly, all it takes is that one giddy laugh, one wide-eyed “You’re the best mom, ever!” uttered by the little person who has made you her hero- just because you found a missing LEGO, to make it all worthwhile. And on Mother’s Day, that feeling is magnified, with the added perks of one or more of the following: extra sleep, brunch, meandering around Whole Foods without a grocery list or time limit.

I was conversing with mom-slash-Kobayashi Group COO Kathy Inouye for one of the features in this issue of HILuxury, and I was pleased to hear that motherhood for her provided the sources of inspiration that continue to drive her. And in her line of work, inspiration is always welcome.

She also mentioned that when she travels to New York for meetings, she’s the only female face to be seen-a stark contrast from her own firm, where almost half of the executive team is comprised of women.

Personally, I revel in the fact that Hawai’i is one of those places where traditional values still hold true, but is willing to embrace the new. The old boys’ club has opened its doors, and in good time, glass ceilings will mean just that-ceilings made of glass and nothing more. Here in Hawai’i, there’s a spectrum of serious heavy hitters in the fields of education, finance, entertainment and fashion, just to name a few.

Find out who they are in “Sisters Act.”

Speaking of heavy hitters, as much as we take our hats off to the ladies, we can’t ignore our accomplished men either.

Enter MLB All-Star Shane Victorino.

Hailing from Maui, the seasoned athlete makes his debut this upcoming baseball season as an outfielder for the Boston Red Sox. But aside from his “field work,” Victorino helps underprivileged youth through his namesake foundation. Don Chapman was able to catch up with him before training camp for cover story “Call of Duty.”

Also in the issue, we take you on a taste tour of Peter Merriman’s Monkeypod Kitchen. For all you East O’ahu residents, you’ll want to make it out to Ko Olina for a meal. Writer Alana Folen gives us the dish in “West Side Story.”

Of course, we also delve into the usual suspects-standout watches from this year’s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH); a trek through the vineyards of central France, care of Roberto Viernes; and the latest golf gadgets to help keep you under par. Trust us, we’ve got you’re interests covered. Enjoy the issue!

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