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Portrait by Olivier Koning

Portrait by Olivier Koning

I’m sure I’m not the only working mother who gets asked the question, “How do you it all?” (For the record, I don’t.) While the whole work-life-balance thing isn’t necessarily exclusive to this one group—trust me, I know moms who don’t have 9-5 jobs per se, but boy, do they work, or those with no kids who hop from meeting to meeting with a slew of other things on their plate— people have the tendency to think of the “working mom” as the ultimate multitasker.

By coincidence, this particular issue of HILuxury happens to highlight several much-lauded ladies, each an inspiration in her own particular field of interest. I’m positive that each of these women has been asked that same question. However, I think that they actually do do it all.

Cover girl Bethany Hamilton is a prime example. We all know about the shark attack she experienced at 13 years old. Now, the 26-year-old Kaua`i resident has not only turned her tragedy into victory—continuing to surf some of word’s most challenging waves—but also makes children’s dreams come true, granting their wishes via Make-A-Wish. Between wish granting and surfing, Hamilton also plays mom to her baby boy, Tobias, who’s nearly a year old. Yu Shing Ting talks to Hamilton in “Surf & See” on page 94.

Also in this issue, HILuxury gets the skinny on four outstanding ladies. This group of gals truly put the significant in “significant other.” While their husbands’ names may quickly ring a bell, Linda Schatz, Annie Cusick Wood, Michelle Ho and Kim Johnson have their own horns to toot—something they would never do, but we’re more than happy to do it for them!

From creating better local communities, to fostering a cleaner environment, one can only imagine the juggling acts that come with their day-to-day. Find out why and how they do it in “Ladies First” on page 102.

And now that spring is full swing, we highlight a few trends you may want to look into. Florals have always been big for this season, but this time around we see the look flourish in the form of blazers and button-downs for men instead. Get some ideas on how to incorporate a few fashion-forward pieces into your wardrobe on page 120.

In addition, master sommelier Roberto Viernes pulls a doubleheader in this issue, penning his usual wine feature as well as talking to wine collector Mitch Kysar.

In “Burgundy Underground” on page 90, Viernes sheds light on Kysar’s extreme fascination with fine wines, and why some are worth keeping under lock and key. But if you’re looking for wine to enjoy right now—specifically with freshly shucked oysters, flip to page 158 for his recommended pairings. Speaking of oysters, Four Seasons Resort Hualalai is now growing its own on-property. Writer Margaret Kearns gives us the dish in “Hualalai Harvest” on page 150.

Aloha and enjoy the issue!

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