Editor’s Note


I was listening to NPR the other day, and there was a short tidbit on the ideal time to start something new. Contrary to popular belief, the first day of the New Year isn’t at the top of the list. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a new year at all, but instead, the first of any month or even the first day of the week will do—anything that connotes to starting fresh or a with a “clean slate” gives most people just enough motivation to pursue a healthier lifestyle, kick a bad habit or start a new routine.

Apparently, I’m not most people. I tend to be more concerned with deadlines (not a big surprise considering what I do for a living) than start dates in order to do what needs to get done. For instance, if I want to keep my house in order, then I need to have people over for dinner so I’ll have to tidy up by 5 p.m. on Saturday night. As for vacations and special events, they make the best personal trainers. In fact, I’m in “training” right now. With a wedding to attend in March, that gives me a solid month to fit into the dress that I bought in my “goal” size (never mind that I’ve known about the wedding for almost a year).

Fuzzy logic aside, my point is that timing isn’t nearly important as doing, and motivation comes in all forms. In this issue of HILuxury, we have more than a few recommendations for getting a jump-start on the road to self-improvement. Toward the end of February, Wanderlust comes to Oahu once more. The four-day fête will be chock-full of yoga programs, outdoor adventures and much more. Writer Catherine Caldwell gives us a sneak-peek into this year’s festival in “Wanderlust for Life” on pg. 146. And if any of you ladies plan on doing a girl’s trip this coming spring, style editor Yu Shing Ting gives you a packing list of chic accouterments you’ll want to take with you on your travels on pg. 74.

Those who need inspiration to forge ahead should flip to pg. 44. In “One For Two,” Allison Schaefers traces Straub Clinic & Hospital and Pali Momi Medical Center CEO Art Gladstone’s career from firefighter to nurse to his current post as CEO. Find out what it took for Gladstone to make it to the top.

Also in this issue, genius, actor and special effects wunderkind Masi Oka gives us a look into his very multi-faceted career. Turn to pg. 104 and discover what else Oka occupies his time with when he’s not on the set. Hint: Game playing is involved. Apparently if you’re Masi Oka, multitasking is a very good thing.

So if you’re thinking of swearing off sugar, taking up Pilates, becoming more of a morning person, etc.—don’t sweat it if you missed the 1st of the month. As the old saying goes: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life…” There’s a reason that’s written on Successories posters, you know. Aloha and enjoy the issue.

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