Editor’s Note

editor-200x300For those of you who skipped town this summer, welcome back! I have to admit—one of the biggest advantages of living here is being spared that feeling of dread that usually creeps in towards the end of a trip. At least that’s how it is for me each time I travel to and from the islands. “We’re coming back home to Hawai‘i, anyway,” my husband and I would say to each other. And that sensation of being on holiday seems to linger for just a while longer.

For cover girl Malia Jones, Hawai‘i has always served as her home base. Even if she has spent plenty of time overseas and continues to travel for work on a regular basis, the surfer/model/swimwear designer prefers to hang her hat—make that, her bikini—at her Diamond Head residence. Yu Shing Ting sits down with Jones and finds out what else she has up her sleeve. Read her story (“Rebel Belle”) on p. 98.

In contrast, while Jones racks up the mileage points when she’s headed away from Hawai‘i, some of the world’s culinary movers and shakers make their way to our shores en masse each fall for the annual Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival. The ever-expanding event makes its Hawai‘i Island debut this year, and adds a good number of fresh faces on its roster of participants. Hailing from Los Angeles to Miami, we catch up with five Festival first-timers for “Food Trippers.” Discover which local ingredients they’re eager to experiment with on p. 110.

Speaking of Hawai‘i Island, writer Ann Miller pays super-exclusive Kuki‘o Golf and Beach Club in Kona a visit. Just how do Silicon Valley’s tech billionaires kick back? Miller gives us the inside track in “Uncommon Grounds” on p. 66.

On the local tech front, self-proclaimed techie and gadget guru Ryan Ozawa weighs in on drones. More and more people are toying around with these clever copters—some just to see what they can do, while others use them to take some jaw-dropping aerial shots. Get the details on these advanced, albeit controversial remote-controlled aircrafts on p. 28.

Also in this issue, you’ll get a taste of fall’s top fashion and style trends. According to On Trend columnist Meleana Estes, shades of pale are still big this season, and brands like Burberry and Roberto Cavalli show you how the West should be worn. Turn to p. 23 for her full report.

Covering a completely different kind of trend, writer Karyl Garland speaks with award-winning interior design expert Dian Cleve. For “The New Interiors,” Garland sheds light on LEDs and other edgy trimmings that merge form with function. If only I could get my hands on that chandelier on p. 78! Then again, before I start pining away for a light fixture, I should probably finish unpacking from my move five months ago…

Aloha and enjoy the issue!

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