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WHEN WE HEARD FROM SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS’ WIFE, Stella, that he had turned down interview requests with People magazine and Oprah Winfrey’s O-yet was eager to not only sit with but allow us to photograph him here in Hawai’i-our suspicions were confirmed. The momentum HILuxury has been building over the last year, as Hawai’i’s leading luxury lifestyle magazine, had been recognized by one of the greatest film stars of our time.

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Now, as I mention in my feature article with my new pal, Tony (see pg. 66), this notion might carry slightly less weight if he were just another “pretty face” blessed with good DNA and a few Hollywood connections. I can confirm: Hopkins is anything but. Here’s a tease from the article: Hopkins propelled himself into silver screen lore after an inspirational run-in with Richard Burton (when he was 15 years old) paired with a desire to “add color” to his life. Now, he can say he’s not only an accomplished actor, but a renowned painter, as well as achieved composer. That’s right: Anthony Hopkins can carry a tune.

Which brings us to what HILuxury is truly all about.

Living well in Hawai’i isn’t about the flashiest purse on the avenue. In the pages of this magazine you’ll read about those who project a depth of character. We spotlight chefs with, sure, vast credentials and awards; however, it is their penchant for “giving back” that gains them entry into this glossy. There’s the new VP in town-helmed at the world’s first non-themed Disney resort, Aulani-who manages to scale the globe’s tallest (and most treacherous) peaks in his downtime simply because it builds character.

We sit down with now-local designer Amos Kotomori who crafted his sphere of influence from high-fashion run-ins during the 1980s to create captivating, wearable art (see pg. 86) that our fashion team exquisitely captures. And we root a story like that with a glimpse into the Honolulu Academy of Arts’ exhibit that delves into the 500-year evolution of the Japanese tea ceremony.

As if you need more incentive to turn this page-we squeezed a few minutes of time from Sotheby’s leading antiquities appraiser as he passes through Honolulu, to find out how he finds the thrill of jet setting. For those who like a little pond jumping, get inside the head of our golf expert as he navigates the famed Pebble Beach golf links for the first time-something every enthusiast aspires to experience.

We’ll then careen up Hwy 101 to picture-perfect Santa Barbara (a favorite haunt for Hawai’i’s well-heeled) for some wine, dining and unwinding before returning home to Hawi, and a hidden oasis of all things eco and ethereal.

Not surprisingly, the list of luxury runs deep throughout Hawai’i. Thankfully, our ever expanding team of experts has organized the latest in one neat, shiny read for you to enjoy.

With Aloha, Brian Berusch Editorial Director

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