Editor’s Letter

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IF THE FINE FOLKS AT WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY CAME TO ME (it could happen) to help them update the definition of “luxury,” I’d have one heck of a time narrowing down the entry. Of course, the notion is purely subjective-by wealth and status, by preference and even by geography.

This creates both great challenges as well as opportunity for us here at HILuxury magazine. First, our expansive and widely knowledgeable team decides what the more luxurious aspects to living in Hawai’i are. We then subtract the material goods from that equation-which we then cover for you, our reader-and are left with an ideal.

Next, we take the principles of that idea, and apply them to destinations and goods beyond Hawai’i that we feel align with or pair nicely our readers’ tastes and lifestyles. Sounds simple.

Naturally, in a place as culturally and ethnically diverse as Hawai’i, tastes vary on a wider scale than most single geographic locations (or so it has been in my experience). This challenge we greet with open arms; for it’s from the blending of such an array of talent, wisdom and refinement that great stories arise.

In this issue, you may find that your idea of true luxury is an overseas jaunt to the Fez, where expert travel writer Donna Heiderstadt checks into an exclusive Atlas mountaintop resort owned and operated by Sir Richard Branson, a man who certainly knows the art of fine living.

Your idea of a smashing good time may just be teeing off on a historic green located on Yavapai Nation land alongside PGA legend Ben Crenshaw, as writer (and Golf Magazine‘s travel and course rankings editor) Joe Passov did for us in this issue.

Perhaps you find luxury in restocking your shelves with the newest hair and facial products that boost your spirit each and every day.

You may very well be the sort of oenophile who finds comfort in the words of master sommelier Chuck Furuya, as he shares his favorite new vineyard for experiencing the refinement of Old World Pinots made in a New World locale. And I know plenty of folk who will read about Carmel-by-the-Sea’s Cheese Shop owner (and Punahou grad/Obama classmate) Kent Torrey’s top picks for a cheese tasting party and giggle with delight.

Don’t forget to peruse our fashion spread, shot on location in Waikiki, which follows our “model couple” through the excitement of engagement, the planning of their wedding and right through to the honeymoon.

Mark Dacascos knows luxury. From hosting Iron Chef America to reprising an infamous role on Hawaii Five-0, this Hawai’i-born actor melds an omnipotent stage presence with a penchant for foreign languages and the art of jiu jitsu to keep things fresh. He turned many heads during our photo shoot that clad him in couture garments from some of the most luxurious apparel retailers in Hawai’i.

Whether you are the type who only cracks a smile after a 90-minute spa treatment, or when seated in the front row of a local theater showing of the latest off-Broadway hit-this issue of HILuxury has something for you.

With Aloha,
Brian Berusch
Editorial Director

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