Editor’s Letter

SOMETHING ABOUT THE ONSET OF A NEW YEAR gets me all philosophical. Not so much outwardly, like the type to raise existential subject matter at cocktail parties. (What really is a cocktail party?) But more during my leisurely drives home from the office, at a massage or in the shower-the few moments of solace allotted someone directing 14 magazines (who also has a very active 2-year-old daughter). Regardless, I will spend a good amount of time in my own head this month.

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One such weighty concept that has taken up much of this precious time is the importance of our choice of words. This simple notion crosses into everything that we do. Yet I have the unique perspective of spending all day, every day, mixing and assessing and crafting strings of words. This, of course, got me thinking…

Turn on any TV and you’ll hear blunder after blunder by everyone from politicians to actors and athletes. Time and again I think-or sometimes shout-“JUST STOP TALKING!” And yet, I understand why they don’t. In what I like to call this “Age of WTMI (Way Too Much Information)” people feel the need to fill the blank (read: quiet) space with whatever words they can find, in order to make sure others won’t forget about them. No one wants to lose their place, let alone their significance.

It’s astonishing how seemingly intelligent, well-dressed and esteemed people can utter (and do) the stupidest things just to be heard.

So I’m taking my little time on this pedestal to share what my monthlong musings have deduced: We only have a limited number of words to share with our fellow man every day. Choose them wisely. Try to use words of encouragement and positivity that reflect earnest, genuine intentions. By not only dressing like a lady or gentleman, but sounding like one, we do the general community a heap of good.

Speaking of ladies and gentleman who truly understand the value of words, the team here at HILuxury has become truly adept in finding the most luxurious (and attainable!) goods as well as stories to share with you, dear reader. In this issue, you’ll hear the conversation our On Trend correspondent, Molly Watanabe, had with legendary fashionista Diane von Furstenberg; hop on a flight to Cuba with our managing editor (Lianne Bidal Thompson) as she documents ‘Iolani teacher Cheri Keefer’s student art exchange with that other “forbidden” island; get in the passenger seat with local attorney, TV producer and our own “car guy,” Ed Kemper, as he whips you down the Pali in the new 2012 Porsche 911.

We got dusty at the workshop of a master woodworker; spoke to professional athletes with roots in Hawai’i about their philanthropic efforts around the globe; I get my Mojo on (with a straight-razor shave) in Chinatown, and our local Brit experts share what’s new and fashionable in London.

Finally, don’t miss our exclusive feature story and photo shoot with Hawaii Five-0‘s Scott Caan, who donned the latest threads for a stroll through ‘Iolani Palace-in a respectful nod to the location of “Danno’s” HQ in the original series.

In a word… enjoy 2012 to its fullest.


Brian Berusch
Editorial Director

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