WE’RE ALL STILL SWOONING (some more than others) over here at HILuxury, following the barrage of national attention our last issue received. I bask in the glory that it wasn’t merely getting George Clooney to agree to appear on our cover; but the sum of wonderful stories that included his interview, a sit-down with The Descendants filmmaker Alexander Payne, another with novelist Kaui Hart Hemmings, and in turn, her one-on-one interview with the film’s producer, Jim Burke.

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The thrill of seeing pages we worked tirelessly on talked about by hosts of E! News, Extra and Entertainment Tonight still doesn’t get old.

Of course, a dilemma rears itself far ahead of the settling stardust; how in the world are we to top that effort?

Fear not. By continuing to spotlight the best in high fashion, unique eateries, fine automobiles and the personalities that make Hawai’i turn, we do justice (in this director’s eyes, anyway) with each issue.

Landing an exclusive interview with rising star Maggie Q (or Margaret Quigley, to her Mililani ‘ohana) should instill confidence in our readers that we strive to out do ourselves from one issue to the next. In fact, you might be surprised to hear that it took far longer to secure Maggie Q for an interview than it did Clooney!

The star of Nikita-not to mention lead roles alongside the likes of Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible III)-her down-to-earth nature and quick ascent to the top in Asia make for a captivating read.

Elsewhere in this book we sit down with famed ballet phenom Chi Cao, whose debut Hawai’i performance falls just prior to the holidays; our seasoned golf expert tees off at the newest (and most heavenly) course on Kaua’i; the sleek BMW 650i convertible hits Honolulu streets at the helm of our sure-footed “car guy;” and yours truly gets his nails buffed and scrubbed in the most manly of fashions.

Speaking of fashion: Tag along on our custom photo shoot where the vibrant colors from this winter’s runway drape our gorgeous models, while men can gander at the trends in stylish suits.

There is no shortage of gift ideas in the pages that follow. From elegant timepieces to renting your own vine at a prestigious vineyard, we’ve got a bit of something for everyone. Enjoy, and have a safe and heartwarming holiday season.

Brian Berusch
Editorial Director

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