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LISTENING TO THE STORIES OUR WRITERS CAME BACK TO HILUXURY HQ WITH-following their interviews with the stars and filmmakers behind The Descendants, this issue’s theme-I was amazed at the notso-obvious things others might overlook. Sure, it was wonderful that we secured the only on-set interview with Hollywood’s most perpetual leading man, George Clooney. (The fact that he felt loose enough to share with our writer his plans for future pranks on his pals speaks volumes to our pool of talented writers.) Likewise, it was rather fortuitous that we were able to sit for a one-on-one conversation with director/screenwriter Alexander Payne, who also churned out perhaps one of the most memorable wine flicks of all time, Sideways. And novelist (and local gal) Kaui Hart Hemmings, a rising star in her own right, was rather forthcoming with her fledgling fame, while producer Jim Burke prefers staying out of the limelight.

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All this makes for four incredible feature stories, each of which you’ll certainly enjoy.

Yet, as I earlier alluded, these weren’t the things that struck me as particularly unique. More, it was hearing second hand the subtle nuances that The Descendants players observed (as well as fell into) of the luxuries of our island lifestyle that I found so fascinating.

Take Clooney: From what we know of him, he has homes around the world (including the ever-elegant Lake Como in Northern Italy), commands upwards of $10 million for appearing in a lead role, is a car and motorcycle fanatic, so on. Yet, what he found most intriguing about Hawai’i was how easy going and not-out-to-prove-anything the residents were. How people opted to drive slow (too slow, some of us might say), even when no one was around.

I’ve said it before, and I’m happy to say it again: The luxurious aspects of Hawai’i living aren’t measured entirely by price tag or zip code-it’s a state of mind.

Within these pages are little anecdotes to get you in a luxury mindset. In truth, having your own custom handbag made by a couture house may not be more expensive than walking into a Luxury Row shop and picking out the latest and greatest; but the knowledge that the color, skin and shape are yours and only yours-is luxury.

While some pied-a-terres in Gstaad (Swiss Chillin’, pg. 106) might break the bank, others in Zermatt won’t. But that doesn’t mean you won’t experience the most incredible day of skiing, sipping and dining on world-class cuisine (and arrive there via horse-drawn carriage).

Whether listening in on Chef Morimoto and our nation’s Presidential choice of coffee bean (from Kona!), talking tannins with master winemaker Fred Schrader or following our gorgeous models through downtown Honolulu, there’s a little luxury to be had on every page. Enjoy.

Brian Berusch
Editorial Director

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