Royal Dreams

Princess Miliana’s one wish comes true.

String duets, a rainbow spread of sweet macarons, an enchanted carriage and a ballroom of royal guests is the only proper way to greet a true princess, and until her wish, these were just the faraway dreams of a young girl named Miliana.

Since birth, Miliana has suffered a severe seizure disorder, but has only grown fonder of the beauty that surrounds her. Blessed with a family who cares for and supports her, Miliana will soon be entering her teen years, arm-in-arm, with friends and classmates who share her heart and appreciation for life. Still, life will never be “normal” for the 12-year-old girl. While many teens are playing sports or shopping with friends, Miliana will spend time with friends differently-and her wish, like any normal girl, is to be celebrated for all the ways that she is unique.


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Her Royal Highness Miliana's princess fantasy included a magical carriage ride, a gown for the royal ball and a handsome Prince Charming.

And like a fairy godmother before the grand ball, along came her wish. Discovering Miliana qualified for a wish through Make-A-Wish Hawaii, wish granters asked the girl to dream of the one true wish that would bring her all the joy she could imagine. One by one, the ideas began to blossom. Sparkles. Beauty. Femininity. Pastel. Pink. Royalty. Glitter. Music. Enchantment. Fairytales. Princesses. And with a wave of a wand, her wish was discovered- she wished to be a princess at a royal ball.

Her wish was decided, and wish granters encouraged Miliana and her family to think of her wish-and think of it often. After an episode, think of the wish. Between hospital visits, think of the wish. So when the royal invitation came in the mail, her name elegantly inscribed and announcing her royal ball, Miliana was ecstatic.

On a beautiful and sunny morning, Princess Miliana was escorted to the Royal Hawaiian Luxury Resort, and was bid a warm welcome by her many royal guests. A dozen fairytale princesses were waiting for her, dressed head-to-toe in sparkling gowns and smiling at her with open arms. A troop of girl scouts who’d helped raise money to grant her wish beamed with joy, proud to welcome the princess on her special day. Th en she saw it, just beyond… a royal carriage and white-clad Prince Charming. It was everything Miliana had ever dreamed of, and more.

In a flowing pink dress and stunning tiara, Princess Miliana was introduced to her many guests in the royal ballroom, and truly lived her wish come true. She was finally a real princess, like the ones she has seen in her storybooks, and was celebrated for everything she is and will grow to be…

To give the gift of a wish to a child like Miliana, or to refer a child to Make-A-Wish Hawaii, call (808) 537-3118 or visit

photos courtesy Make-A-Wish Hawaii

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