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It was a no-brainer. Between a Hollywood life or life at home, actress Christine Taylor happily takes her focus off Tinsel Town.

SHE PLAYED MARCIA IN THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE, AND STARRED IN MANY OTHER FILMS SUCH AS DODGEBALL AND THE Wedding Singer, but perhaps the most significant role christine taylor has ever taken on is her real-life character of mom and wife to actor Ben stiller.

With her Barbie-like looks-striking blue eyes, long blond locks, and an amazing figure she’s maintained into her early 40s-taylor was destined to be in front of cameras. But for this chapter of her life, the spotlights are on her offspring and the storyline is motherhood versus hollywood.

“Being a mom has really been my priority over the last several years,” says taylor, 42, in an interview from her home on Kaua’i. “as the kids (11-year-old ella and 8-year-old Quin) went in to school and their lives became fuller, and because Ben works so hard and has to travel a lot, i really dedicated this period of time in my life to being a full-time mom.”

“And when the fun jobs come up here and there that don’t take me away too long from the kids, i get to go do fun things and work with friends, and it’s a really good balance for me.”

Her most recent work includes reprising her character of sally sitwell in a few episodes of the recent return of Arrested Development. she and Ben also have been working on Burning Love, a scripted comedy series, which is a web spoof on reality TV dating shows.

Originally from pennsylvania, taylor grew up performing in local theater productions before landing a lead role on nickelodeon’s family tV series hey dude, which led to a move to los angeles after high school. The show lasted only a few years, but she remained in hollywood, steadily appearing in numerous films and tV shows, including hit sitcoms Friends and Seinfeld.

The in 1999, she met stiller on the set of the (never-aired) pilot for heat vision and Jack, and they were married the next year on Kaua’i. in recent years, the Garden island has been buzzing with celebrity activity. But for the stillers, it’s been their special getaway for more than a decade.

“It was our christmas vacation [on Kaua’i] and we were trying to decide where to get married, either on the West coast where all our friends were and where we were living in l.a., or on the east coast where all of our family was,” recalls taylor. “Then, on this property we were renting, there is this bluff overlooking the ocean that was just flat and perfect, and we thought ‘let’s not do it on the east coast or the West coast, let’s do it here and make it intimate with our closest friends and family,’ and it was perfect and beautiful.” for the next few years, the newlyweds continued to return to Kaua’i, staying at the same vacation rental home where they exchanged their vows. When the property went up for sale, and worried that they wouldn’t be able to rent it again, they decided to buy it.

“It wasn’t a period of time in our lives where we thought we needed a vacation house,” says Taylor. “We sort of took a chance and said ‘let’s do this.’ This can be a place we can have forever and we can come with the kids, and it was the best decision we ever made because it’s truly our home away from home.”

The Stillers continue to spend their summers on Kaua’i, arriving in June and staying until Labor Day, and then return for a couple of weeks during Christmas, and again for spring break.

“It almost feels like you’re on a boat because you look out and it’s all ocean,” says Taylor of their abode. “We have this great view, and one of our family traditions is every night we’ll go out at sunset, and when the sun goes down we make a wish or say thanks or have a moment of gratitude about how lucky we are to be in such a beautiful place.”

Over the years, locals have gotten used to seeing the famous couple enjoying the simple life-playing at the beach, stopping in at their favorite coffee shop in Hanalei, where Taylor orders a skim latte, or taking the kids to eat shave ice.

She also can be spotted doing yoga, hiking or sitting outside and reading a book; while Ben most likely is out on the water paddle boarding or on the road biking. They also spend a lot of time indoors, cooking and enjoying meals together.

After two decades of living the California dream, Taylor and Stiller moved to New York a few years ago to be closer to family and their roots.

“We decided it was just important for our children to have that East Coast experience, and we felt the longer we waited to do it, the harder it would get because of school and friends,” explains Taylor, noting they also still have a place in L.A. “It’s been many years since I lived on the East Coast, so it’s been a while since I’ve experienced this full East Coast winter, and it makes it that much more glorious to get to Hawai’i.”

With mom and dad working in show-biz, it’s no surprise that their kids both have developed an interest in filmmaking. Taylor says neither have asked to be on the big screen, but they have had their experiences, such as providing adorable baby lion voices in one of the Madagascar movies in which Ben was the voice of Alex.

“Quin is fascinated with Ben’s work and enjoys going to the set,” she shares. “He loves watching his dad’s movies and reenacting them, so I think there’s a little bit of a spark there. Ella on the other hand, she loves doing school plays, but she is the one who writes her own scripts. She makes home movies of us and edits it herself.”

“I think she’s sort of a writer-director in the making, a little bit like her dad. So they both have that creative spark and they both use it in a very fun way right now, but they’re still just regular kids.”

Famous or not, becoming a mother is life-changing for any woman. For Taylor, it not only put her hard-earned career on hold, but also changed the way she eats and even shops. She’s a vegetarian, and tried to be a vegan last year for three months but decided she loves dairy too much, adding that her favorite snack is cheese and crackers. Ben, however, doesn’t eat dairy or gluten, but will have fish every once in a while.

“When I had my children, I was so vested in what I was putting into their bodies-you look at labels and start looking at things under a microscope more, and I started thinking if I’m trying to feed them healthy foods shouldn’t I be doing that for myself too?” explains Taylor. “That doesn’t mean we still don’t have treats. I’m the worst, I love birthday cake and cupcakes and icing, so that’s my downfall-sugar-but I do it in moderation.”

She also looked at other products in their home, particularly what they were using on their skin. After testing many different brands, she discovered Nourish, an affordable 100-percent, USDA organic body-care line.

She became such a huge fan that she now serves as its brand ambassador. She also is a lifelong tennis fan and volunteers her time as a spokesperson for the USTA 10 & Under Tennis program.

A self-proclaimed neat freak, Taylor does not like sloppiness. But her biggest pet peeve is finding trash on the beach or in the ocean. And it’s her candid love and respect for nature that makes it a natural transition from urban glitz to island girl.

“Kaua’i is our favorite place in the world to be, and we hope to be able to move here some day,” Taylor reveals. “Our daughter already said she wants to go to college in Hawai’i. She wants to live in Hawai’i, and she’s already mapping out her plan.

“So that is our goal certainly for Ben and I to end up here full-time one day. We love it so much.”

After living in L.A. for two decades, Christine Taylor moved to New York a few years ago. “It’s been many years since I lived on the East Coast,” says the Pennsylvania native, who is photographed here at the Hotel Plaza Athénée in New York City. “So, it’s been a while since I’ve experienced this full East Coast winter, and it makes it that much more glorious to get to Hawai’i.”



Besides being an actress and loving her role as mom, Christine Taylor is also the celebrity spokesperson for Nourish Organic-an organic line of cleansers, moisturizers and other personal care products, of which Taylor herself is a huge fan. Touting goods that are 100-percent USDA certified organic, Nourish Organic’s skincare collection is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes. Not an easy feat-just read the label of your current moisturizer and you’ll see what we mean-yet something the brand has accomplished. Scents like Almond Vanilla, Fresh Fig, Lavender Mint, Wild Berries and Spiced Citrus are created using pure essential oils and extracts and are anything but overpowering. Lotions go on smooth without a greasy after-feel and leave skin soft and moisturized. For seriously parched skin, try the Organic Raw Shea Butter. Added bonus: these skincare saviors won’t break the bank-find them at Whole Foods or online at

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