Wind It Up

Watch winders blend technology and functionality

For anyone who’s invested as much in automatic wrist watches as the average person does on an automobile, watch winders (also known as watch rotators) are a familiar concept. What may not be so familiar are the inner workings of the oftentimes complex device – some as elaborate as furniture fixtures holding more than a dozen automatic timepieces.

Put simply, a watch winder holds a watch (or often more than one), moving it in circular patterns to emulate human motion. And thanks to the precision of technology, a winder cannot overwind a watch, since all automatic watches are protected by a mechanism that disengages the winding process when the mainspring is fully wound. With that said, however, using a winder with sophisticated timing sequences is important to prevent excessive wear on the winding mechanism. On the average, only 30 minutes of motion is necessary to keep watches properly wound.

With the increasing popularity of watch winders has come an increasing number of brands. Just to name a few: Wolf Designs, Girologio, Orbita, Steinhausen, Underwood, Heiden, Scatola, Rapport and Everwell.

Almost, if not all watch winders are available online, and some like the Wolf Designs are available in store and by custom order at Ben Bridge Timeworks in Ala Moana Center.

Experts suggest that when looking for a watch winder, things to consider are the price, features, number of watches wound, aesthetics and brand.

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