Time Differences

Celebrating masculinity and femininity in watch designs

For centuries, the differences between men and women have been examined and studied. Even after conclusive findings and data, the complexities of the subject make it still a hot topic today, simply because defining masculinity and femininity has become far more intricate than neckties and frilly dresses. But fashion is still a huge component in how society views and separates gender – take, for example, the wristwatch.

Without crossing the line of sexism, it’s fair to say that men like functionality and can appreciate the inner workings of a tool or device. Hence the popular skeletonized design. From obvious to subtle, skeletonized watches are unique in that they reveal a watch’s inner workings. Although such timepieces have been around for hundreds of years and were among the first types of timekeeping devices made, watchmakers such as Cartier and Ferragamo continue to raise the bar on style and precision with intricate designs.

Besides their uniquely different stripped and unembellished look, skeletonized watches also are a special buy because they are mechanical, as opposed to quartz or battery-powered. And with mechanical comes precision.

Most luxury skeletonized timepieces are intricately engraved, and delicate work goes into each piece.

While women can appreciate delicate work, aesthetics are especially important when choosing any accessory, including a wristwatch. Functionality is a must, but diamonds and fine gems can sometimes mean the difference between OK and fabulous. And watchmakers have responded, creating elaborate designs with enough sparkle to catch any woman’s eye.

Harry Winston, Tourneau and Chanel are just a handful of luxury retailers that offer a wide selection of pretty styles that evenly blend the boundaries of timepiece and jewelry. The result is an attention-grabbing look that embraces elegance and individuality.

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