Take the classic alligator or leather strap wrist watch, add some color and it’s suddenly transformed into a blast of self-expression – perfect to add personality to the little black dress or to fancy up a T-shirt and jeans look for a day of Christmas shopping.

Just as shoes can take the driver’s seat to an outfit, so can a wrist watch. And it’s no longer a man’s world out there. Women’s timepieces are gaining considerable attention in the showcases – and many of the designs are blurring the lines of function and aesthetics.

Take the three lovely colored masterpieces below. Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany all have rolled out their own fun, flirty and functional contributions. It’s all so darling and cleverly done, it doesn’t dare tiptoe on the idea of tacky, which too much color can sometimes do.

Whatever you’re color may be – own it!